If you are trying to construct a personal brand, there’s one essential ingredient that you can’t overlook:  your smile. Your smile is one of the first things people will identify and one of the last things they’ll forget. It’s your personal brand. Your smile is your logo so it’s incredibly important that you love your logo so others can too.

A young man firmly shaking the hand of a new colleague

Who Needs a Personal Brand?

We tend to think of a “personal brand” as something essential only for public spokespeople, salesmen, or politicians, but the truth is that everyone needs a personal brand if they want to be recognized, remembered, trusted, or hired. Your personal brand is your ability to consistently communicate your unique identity to an audience, the audience of whoever you are trying to reach.

If, for example, you’re trying to apply to colleges, those colleges are looking for evidence that you’re a special student who could bring something worthwhile to their community.

When people have a burst pipe, they don’t hire pipes or tools — they hire a person, which in most cases means they hire a brand they feel they can trust. And that means you have to be a plumber who can convey trust.

If you are looking for a promotion at work, your boss needs to see not just the quality of your work — that’s just as much an argument for keeping you at your current job. They need to see the potential of you like something more — a brand with a promise beyond your current performance.

“Your Smile Is Your Logo”

The above wisdom comes to us from self-help guru Jay Danzie, who has built a career out of helping people find their own recipe for success. Danzie has hit on something crucial here because if we think about what a logo means to a brand, we can see that a smile does the same thing for a personal brand. The job of the logo is to be instantly recognizable and memorable.

This is what your smile does. The smile is the fastest recognized human expression, identifiable faster and from further away than any other human expression. And studies have shown that from first meetings people are more likely to remember your smile than your clothes, your smell, even what you said.

Your smile is your logo that no one else has. While some logos might look similar to one another, yours is completely your own. Designing the perfect smile that matches your brand and personality is key to establishing your personal brand.

Is Your Smile Up to the Job?

There are a few essential things your smile needs to perform its role: It needs to be shown, it needs to be comfortable, and it needs to be natural.

If you don’t have a smile that you feel comfortable sharing, you won’t be showing it, or you won’t be comfortable showing it. Or it will seem unnatural and forced. Cosmetic dentistry, though, can help you get comfortable with your smile so you will always have it at the ready when you need it.

Just like a graphic designer designs a logo, a cosmetic dentist can help your smile become your personal logo. When your smile is your logo, you will want it to look nearly perfect and ensure it complements your face just right. When you visit a cosmetic dentist for a smile makeover, cosmetic dentistry or even Invisalign, we help you create the perfect smile as your logo.

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