At River Edge Dental, we are committed to giving our patients the best care and the best results possible using our talent, training, and experience. We wanted to make sure that quality patient care remained our focus, and that’s why we developed our new vision statement.

River Edge Dentists

Our Vision

At River Edge Dental we pledge to enhance the lives of every patient through excellent dental care, comfortable environment and outstanding customer service.

Our priorities are focused on a unique patient experience filled with warmth, compassion, and careful listening.

Our personalized dental plans are tailored specifically for each individual.

Our vision of “Your mouth has a lot to say” allows us to focus on patients’ total well being with a special emphasis on healthy and beautiful smiles.

Our passion lies in creating an opportunity for others to feel good about themselves.

We strive to attract an outstanding team and provide constant continuing training for their education and personal development.

You Are Our Priority

You’ll notice that “every patient” is included in the first sentence of our vision statement. That’s because you are our priority. We want to make sure that every patient experiences an improved quality of life through their treatment at our practice. No detail is too small for our attention, and no concern will go unaddressed. You can expect to be treated with a warm greeting on your arrival, compassionate care during your stay, and careful attention to every question, concern, or observation about your care.

We strive to ensure that every patient gets care tailored to their specific needs and desires. You are in complete control of your care–we simply put our expertise at your disposal.

Your Mouth Has a Lot to Say

“Your mouth has a lot to say” isn’t a slogan for us . . . it’s a mantra. We believe firmly that oral health is an essential foundation of your general health, and detailed attention to oral health can provide far-reaching benefits in your life. We believe in comprehensive care that extends the benefits of oral health throughout your life.

As part of our approach to comprehensive care, we have developed two different centers: the Center for General and Cosmetic Dentistry and the Center for TMJ, Sleep Apnea, and Reconstructive Dentistry. These two parallel practices give us the ability to focus on all parts of your oral health and the impacts of oral health on the rest of your body.

See Our Vision for Yourself

If you are looking for a dentist in River Edge who is truly dedicated to ensuring your quality of life through great dental care, please call (201) 343-4044 or (201) 546-8512 today for an appointment at River Edge Dental.