On average, only about two-thirds of people in New Jersey see their dentist each year. Unfortunately, many of those people are avoiding the dentist because they’ve been told they need dental work, and they don’t want to get it done.

There are many reasons for this, but if you look closely, these are all actually good reasons why you should get your dental work done now.

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Reason #1: It’s Too Expensive

One of the most common reasons why people avoid dental care is the cost. But the truth is that postponing dental work can significantly increase the cost of the work. Dental problems are almost all progressive: the longer they go untreated the worse they are.

For example, if you need a filling today, but put it off for several months, you may need a crown. If you put it off for years, you may need root canal therapy. If you’re lucky, that could still save the tooth. Sometimes the tooth might be lost and you could end up needing a dental bridge or dental implant.

And, of course, getting regular dental checkups could help you avoid the need for a filling in the first place.

If you don’t think you can afford even your current treatment, we offer financing options to help make the

Reason #2: I Don’t Have Time

This is another common objection people make all the time to getting dental work done. And it’s just as flawed as the first reason. If you think you don’t have time to get dental work done, do you have time to be laid up for several days because of your oral health?

If you postpone dental work too long, you might find yourself in that situation. An infected tooth can be a very serious problem that will make you unable to work, unable to play, unable to do anything. In fact, it can kill you, as it recently did a young trucker who drove to New York despite his aching tooth.

It’s a lot better to take an hour or two off at your convenience than lose a day or two (or the rest of your days) to an infected tooth.

Reason #3: I’m Afraid of the Dentist

We understand that many people are afraid of the dentist. In fact, more people are afraid of the dentist than are afraid of spiders!

But being afraid of the dentist is a good reason to come in more often. After all, what’s scarier: a checkup, a filling, or a root canal treatment? Exactly. Getting regular checkups can also help you overcome your dental anxiety. The more you come in to visit us, the more you’ll see that there’s nothing to be afraid of. Our dentist is welcoming and comfortable. You’ll have a pleasant experience.

It’s also important to know that not all dentists are the same. If you’ve had trouble with dentists in the past, you probably think that it’s always a bad experience. But give us a try, and you’ll see how much better dentistry can be.

Don’t Put off Dental Work Any Longer

If you’ve been putting off dental work, you’re probably doing it for all the wrong reasons. Now is the time to get your dental work done and save yourself money, time, and worry.

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