Maintaining good oral health is an important foundation for an attractive smile and for your overall health. We provide a full range of general dentistry procedures designed to prevent oral illness, and reverse illness or repair damage. From basic checkups to repairing or even replacing damaged teeth, we offer quality oral healthcare for patients of all ages. We utilize some of the latest technologies in dentistry in a warm and welcoming environment.

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Preventive Dentistry

Preventive care is the most important kind of dentistry. As much as we love the challenge of a complex reconstructive dentistry case, we would prefer it if preventive care stopped every cavity, every infection, and every tooth loss before it happened. And we know you would prefer that, too!

Oral hygiene is the most important part of preventive dentistry. This includes the oral hygiene that you do at home and the regular cleanings that we provide at your checkups. Depending on your diet and your genetic predisposition, good oral hygiene won’t necessarily eliminate all cavities and infections, but it will minimize them.

Child and family dentistry emphasizes preventive care for the whole family. Everyone needs preventive care that is targeted to their needs, and we strive to do that with all our patients, from the youngest to the oldest.

Dental sealants are a great way to reduce cavity risks for children, but adults can benefit, too. By covering over and filling in the deep valleys in your teeth, this procedure can make it easier to clean your molars (back teeth) and avoid cavities there.

Restorative Dentistry

If preventive dentistry doesn’t fully protect your teeth and gums, we offer a number of procedures that can restore damaged teeth and make your mouth healthy again, including:

Tooth-colored fillings are healthier than the metal amalgam fillings that were 50% mercury or more by weight. We offer both a plastic filling and a ceramic one, known as an inlay or onlay to repair your cavities. We can also remove and replace your old metal fillings.

If your tooth has been weakened by decay and needs to be reinforced and protected against future decay, a dental crown can perform both these functions. If the tooth has become infected, a root canal will remove the infection, and either a dental implant or denture can be used to replace the tooth if it cannot be preserved.

Gum disease is an infection of the gums that results in serious health problems throughout the body. It’s also the leading cause of tooth loss. We use advanced periodontal treatment, including laser gum treatment, to eliminate gum disease and protect your teeth.

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