Very white smile

These days, people are looking for a brighter smile. Teeth whitening has become the most common elective dental procedure, whether people are whitening at home or at their dentist’s office.

But what is the right level of whitening for you smile? When do you achieve the optimal level of whiteness, and when have you gone too far? That depends on your cosmetic dentistry goals.

Are You Looking for a Natural Appearance?

You have to keep this question in mind when considering teeth whitening. There are essentially no limits to how white your teeth can be. True, teeth whitening will only whiten to a point that’s limited by your natural tooth enamel.

But other approaches to a smile makeover, like porcelain veneers, can be used to get your smile even whiter.

But, beware, the whiter your smile is, the more likely it is to look fake. If you are concerned with getting results that look natural, we can guide you to results that will look attractive but won’t look fake. And getting natural results can help you get the results you really want from whitening your teeth.

Get a Youthful Looking Smile

Our teeth naturally stain as we get older. So it’s no surprise that many people are looking for teeth whitening to help them look younger. And it works: you’ll look years younger with whiter teeth–if they look natural.

But if your teeth look too white–and therefore unnatural–people are more likely to actually assume that you’re older than you look. After all, if your teeth are fake, what else is fake?

Get a Healthy Looking Smile

White smiles also look healthy. Healthy tooth enamel is bright white, but it becomes discolored by erosion, decay, and other damage to the enamel. So many people look for teeth whitening to try to get a healthier appearance.

But as with youth, a healthy appearance has to be natural. If your teeth don’t look natural, people may assume that you’ve had them covered with restorations–or replaced with dentures! And that won’t make anyone think your smile is healthy.

Get a Friendly Looking Smile

A whiter smile helps you make a better first impression. It not only makes people think you’re younger, healthier, and more successful, it can also make them think that you’re more friendly and compassionate than if your smile were discolored.

But this is another impact that can backfire if your teeth don’t look natural. When your smile doesn’t look natural, it stops seeming like an expression of true emotion and more like a facade or deception. They can be turned off by the smile and this can make them more cautious and wary.

The Best Smiles Are Natural Smiles

When everything is said and done, you want a smile that isn’t just whiter, but more attractive. You want a smile that will give everyone a positive impression of you. And that depends on getting natural-looking results.

A skilled cosmetic dentist like Dr. Marlen Martirossian or Dr. Jenny Cha can achieve that result for you. Balancing all the sensitive aspects of facial appearance will give you the beautiful smile you desire. To learn more about getting the best teeth whitening results in River Edge, NJ, please call (201) 343-4044 today for an appointment at the River Edge Dental Center for General & Cosmetic Dentistry.