It’s well-documented that the first thing we notice about strangers is their teeth. We all want a straight, bright set of teeth, and having a beautiful smile can provide a major confidence boost.

That’s why teeth whitening strips, trays and technologies have become so popular in recent years; we’re all chasing that beautiful smile. However, recent studies suggest that teeth whitening can be damaging. So, how do achieve a smile that makes you feel good while protecting your teeth?

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Preventing Damage to Enamel

Look at the ingredients label on your over-the-counter tooth whitening strips. Among the active ingredients you’ll find hydrogen peroxide. You’re likely familiar with hydrogen peroxide, and the chemical itself is not inherently harmful – as long as you’re not drinking it, of course. Many of us have used hydrogen peroxide as a mouth rinse for canker sores, an antiseptic for a scraped knee or as a cleaner for kitchen appliances.

Tooth whitening removes the enamel of the teeth, which has few harmful effects and will regenerate over time. Unfortunately, three recent studies out of Stockton University in New Jersey have found that hydrogen peroxide, though it whitens teeth, can wear away at the layer below the enamel; the dentin, which contains high levels of protein and is important for good oral hygiene.

How to Safely Whiten Teeth

If you still want white teeth, but don’t want to damage your dentin, the cosmetic dentists at River Edge Dental in New Jersey can help.

Frequently drinking dark coffee and tea, plaque buildup, and certain medications, among other factors, can cause the teeth to yellow. Many of us also have naturally darker teeth no matter how much TLC we provide our teeth. You can skip the damaging effects of hydrogen peroxide by consulting professional cosmetic dentists.

At River Edge Dental, we provide safe, professional tooth whitening services, ensuring your teeth are not being over-bleached nor damaged in the process. At-home tooth whitening trays can be left in too long, misplaced within the mouth and used incorrectly. Often times, patients see few results with over-the-counter whitening supplies or expect too dramatic and quick a change.

However, at every whitening check-up, we will make sure your teeth are responding well to the bleaching, provide safer and stronger whitening material to whiten quicker than over-the-counter whiteners, and fit you with custom trays to make sure the trays fit perfectly in your mouth. You’ll also be able to consult with your dentist, ask any questions and make sure your dentist knows your goals for your smile.

A Brighter, More Confident Smile

If you’re ready to take the next step toward a whiter smile that you love, your cosmetic dentists at River Edge Dental can provide a safer and quicker option than over-the-counter whiteners.

To schedule a tooth whitening appointment today, or to ask questions related to your smile, schedule an appointment in River Edge, New Jersey, today by calling (201) 343-4044 or book an appointment online.