How Unhealthy Teeth Can Affect Your Productivity

An attractive smile is an essential asset in your personal and professional life. An attractive smile is the cornerstone of your personal brand, and it can help you to get a job and make you more likely to get a promotion.

On the other hand, if you’re not taking care of your teeth, the problem might be more than just a smile that makes you look older: your unhealthy teeth can affect your productivity, making it hard to hold a job, let alone get promoted.

Several people working hard at work because of their smiles and their happiness

Unhealthy Teeth Can Lead to Missed Work

It’s important to take a sick day every now and then. If you’re not feeling well, it’s okay to take some time to get better.

But if you’re missing too much work, it can get to be a problem. And if your teeth are unhealthy, you might be in just that situation. If you regularly experience dental pain, it can make it hard to make it to work.

Even if you do make it to work, you might find it hard to focus on your job, which will decrease your productivity.

But if you decide that it’s time to get work done on your teeth, that can also pull you away from work. You will have to miss some amount of work, usually. Although some procedures can be completed in about an hour, others take longer. Some may take a half day or even a full day. And if the procedure was particularly involved, you may have to take a day or so off for recovery, and your productivity may be diminished for several more days.

It’s Hard to Get Close to Coworkers

Few of us work in isolation. Most of us work closely with other people, and being productive at our jobs depends on having a good working relationship with those people. Unfortunately, that’s hard if your teeth are unhealthy.

When your teeth are unattractive or visibly unhealthy, people will often be distracted by the appearance of your teeth. This can make it hard to have productive meetings. And if your unhealthy mouth gives you chronic bad breath, the problem is even worse.

Bullies in Business

You might think bullying is something only kids have to worry about, but you’d be wrong. Bullying is an unfortunate reality in the workplace, and people who are the victims of workplace bullying can find it hard to be productive at work. They may even avoid work or locations in the office where they’re likely to run into a bully. Sometimes you may even miss work on purpose to avoid the unpleasant associations.

And bullying doesn’t necessarily stop with its direct impact on you. Bullies may change the way others perceive you, further making it hard to maintain the respect of coworkers and earn a promotion.

Keep Teeth Healthy and Beautiful

If you want to stay your most productive at work, it’s important to take care of your teeth. Fortunately, dental prevention and treatment can help you do just that. You’ll be able to prevent tooth decay, control bad breath, and keep your teeth looking beautiful, too.

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