If you’ve noticed that you’re getting more complaints than usual about your snoring this season, there might be some good reasons for that. Unfortunately, for some people the holidays can definitely make snoring worse.

annoyed woman in bed with snoring husband

Maybe There’s Just More Ears

Of course, you may just be getting the privilege of hearing reports of what your snoring is always like. If you and your spouse normally sleep apart, you might not be aware of how much you snore (although that may be what drove you apart in the first place).

Or maybe your spouse has grown used to your snoring so it’s the visiting inlaws who are complaining about the noise. If you’re visiting but you normally live alone, this is a great opportunity to learn something you might never be told.

Don’t just ignore this information–use it and take action to improve your snoring.

It Could Be the “Magic” in the Air

With the holidays come all kinds of festive additions to your air, many of them irritants to your airway. This may include festive candles at home, spicy baked goods, or hot beverages left on in the kitchen.

Or perhaps the irritants come with the guests, such as pet dander if visitors bring dogs or cats. They may also wear unfamiliar perfumes (possibly triggering migraines) or may smoke.

When you go shopping, you probably encounter many irritants as well. Just crossing the parking lot can expose you to a lot of pollution. And there are scented candles and incense at the stores, as well as perfume sprayers lurking to spritz you.

All these irritants cause your airway to become inflamed, which causes it to narrow. A narrow airway causes the airflow to become turbulent, causing snoring.

Unusual Foods Trigger Allergies

Many of us look forward to the holidays because we get to enjoy all the festive dishes we don’t eat all year round. As delicious as these foods may be, they may not be good for us. When you are eating uncommon spices and especially rich foods, you may be exposing yourself to foods that trigger minor allergies. You may not notice it, but the foods trigger an immune response in your airway that causes it to swell and narrow.

If you do have some of these food allergies, you probably don’t know it. At River Edge Dental, we offer food allergy testing so you can track down what’s triggering your response and your snoring.

Holiday Weight Gain

While we’re talking about rich foods, we can’t ignore the fact that many people put on a few extra pounds over the season. And that’s a common trigger for snoring, especially if you tend to carry weight in your neck.

If you notice that putting on a few pounds causes your snoring to increase, too, you should work hard to lose your holiday pounds. However, if your snoring is actually a sign of sleep apnea, you might find that losing the weight is next to impossible because of the way sleep apnea interferes with your metabolism.

Drinking Your Fill

Of course, it may not be the food or the spices, it’s the drinking that leads to snoring. People who drink tend to drink more around the holidays. And if you’re drinking more, you’re more likely to snore.

Alcohol relaxes the muscles of your airway, making your airway more likely to collapse when you’re sleeping.

How Snoring Affects Your Holiday

Snoring can ruin your holiday. If no one in the house can get a good night’s sleep because of your snoring, they’re not going to feel particularly charitable toward you. And since you’re not sleeping well, either, you might find yourself a little short on holiday spirit, too.

Not only might you be irritable, but you might not have the energy to do the things you want. You may find it hard to enjoy walking around looking at holiday lights, or fall asleep during your favorite holiday movies.

And it’s possible that it isn’t just snoring–it could be sleep apnea. If you are being told that you snore this season, it’s time to talk to a doctor about the problem and look for treatment.

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