Do you know you can do better at your sport or active hobby, but feel like something is holding you back? Do you wish you could regain the balance, speed, and stamina you once had? Do you find your body won’t respond the way you want it to, or responds inconsistently? If so, then IMPAK performance mouthguards might be the secret solution you’ve been looking for.

By stabilizing your core, helping muscles work more efficiently together, and opening your airway, IMPAK mouthguards can improve your form in any sport. An improved form will help you run, cycle, swim, golf, and even hold yoga poses better.

football players, squaring off

Your Spine Is the Keystone

An arch is an amazing engineering feat that balances vertical and horizontal forces by directing them to and from a keystone. Our body is built as a series of variations on arches–legs, ribs, shoulders, and jaw–using our spine as the keystone.

When the spine is properly in place, the forces in our body can all be in balance. We can minimize the effort necessary to stay centered and maximize the effort with which we can perform.

But when the spine is out of alignment, our muscles waste much of their potential trying to compensate. And because they’re pulled out alignment by the spine and the bones that depend on the spine, they can’t work together as efficiently as they’re designed to.

And other soft tissues are compromised, too. The airway and lungs can be compressed, reducing your ability to draw breath. Stomach, intestines, and other organs can experience pressure that impedes their function. Nerves are pressed or pinched, causing seemingly random pains, tingling, or numbness.

Not only is function compromised, but you’re more likely to suffer injuries and strains when your spine and other structures are out of alignment.

Neuromuscular Dentistry, Your Jaw, and Your Spine

The balance of your neuromuscular system depends on these various arches being in parallel with one another. The planes of your skull, teeth, shoulders, and pelvis should all be parallel to maintain alignment. But when one of these planes is forced out of alignment, the other planes have to compensate by moving out of alignment as well, spreading dysfunction through the body.

Our jaw is particularly susceptible to misalignment because it depends on our teeth. There are developmental causes that can put our jaw and teeth out of alignment–such as mouth breathing. But it can also be put out of alignment by wear on our teeth, damage to our teeth, tooth decay or loss, or even tooth restorations that aren’t properly balanced. Dysfunction in the jaw is then passed down through the entire body.

Neuromuscular dentistry allows us to analyze the state of function in your jaw, determine whether the plane of your teeth is in proper alignment with your jaws, your joints, and your muscles. If it is not, we can use our information to design an IMPAK performance mouthguard that restores the proper plane of your jaw, which will then help restore the planes of your body.

The Benefits of IMPAK Mouthguards

When the proper plane of your jaw is restored, you’ll probably notice some immediate improvements. Most people comment on the improved breathing first. You’ll find you are able to run farther and workout longer before you start panting.

Although your jaw is restored to proper balanced, it will take time for the rest of your body to respond. You’ll feel some benefits immediately, but you’ll also notice that the more you work out or play with your mouthguard in, the more your benefits will increase. You’ll probably notice some of these benefits in everyday life–even when you don’t have your mouthguards in.

Most Dentists Can’t Help

If you think that all mouthguards provide this benefit, you’re wrong. The goal of most mouthguards is to protect your teeth from damage just by separating them so they don’t collide during impacts. At best, they maintain misalignment of your bite plane. At worst, they can contribute to a worsening distortion of your bite plane.

IMPAK mouthguards are designed to help restore your bite plane and improve your performance. No matter your sport or athletic hobby, IMPAK mouthguards can help. But only properly licensed and trained dentists can offer IMPAK mouthguards.

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