Did you know nearly 90% of people with obstructive sleep apnea don’t actually know they have it? Without a diagnosis, it’s unlikely they’re doing anything to treat it. Unfortunately, leaving sleep apnea untreated can lead to some serious health risks. This includes high blood pressure, increased risk of heart problems like stroke or heart attack. Sleep apnea can even cause some people to fall asleep behind the wheel. With so many people living their lives unknowingly hurting their lives, there needs to be a new way to alert people.

Man rests peacefully in bed with his smartwatch tracking his sleep

Technology Saving Lives

Recently, there have been 7 instances where Apple Watches’ heart monitor has saved lives. One man noticed a high BPM while sleeping only to visit the doctor to find out he’s been living with a hole in his heart. There have been other instances where users’ Apple Watches notify them that their heart rate was too high, notifying them of early heart attack symptoms. These alerts have helped people visit the doctor and save their lives in events that could have turned fatal.

New Smartwatch Detects Sleep Apnea

Just like Apple Watches’ ability to notify users when their heart rate is too high or too low, there’s a new watch coming to market that can notify users if they have sleep apnea. The new smartwatch designed by Withings, a French digital health company, detects sleep apnea in addition to atrial fibrillation. The smartwatch also acts as a fitness detector measuring V02. This is the amount of oxygen one utilizes during aerobic activity as well as an electrocardiogram (ECG).

ScanWatch can detect early presences of sleep apnea as well as AFib which are two serious health conditions that can cause even bigger health problems down the line.

With continuous use day and night, the watch can detect irregular heartbeats and alert users when it occurs. When you’re sleeping, the watch measures oxygen saturation levels to detect sleep apnea episodes in addition to sleep patterns such as quality, depth, and length.

People can expect the new ScanWatch to hit the market in the second quarter of 2020 with availability in Europe and the U.S.

This new watch could help the millions of people living with sleep apnea finally seek the treatment they need to improve their health and sleep.

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