In a recent survey, workers listed the cost of dental care as the main reason they’re stressed about their oral health. Although the source is dubious, the insight is likely correct.

Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce the cost of dental care, including our REconomy Dental Savings Plan, which covers the basic concerns everyone has as well as reducing the cost of restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

Cost of Dental Care Is Top of Mind

Ease Concerns about Dental CostsThis survey comes from the employee benefits provider Unum. The survey asked more than 1200 working US adults about their oral health. The results showed that 41% of adults said that the cost of dental care was their main concern about their oral health. For women, the figure was even higher (46%), and workers age 50-64 were also more concerned about this, with 45% citing it as their top concern.

The impact of this concern was clear, with 31% of respondents saying that cost was the primary reason they avoided visiting the dentist. That’s nearly four times as great as the next largest concern, dental anxiety, which only kept 8% of respondents from the dentist, as well as the anticipated discomfort of treatment, also keeping 8% of people from the dentist.

When asked more specifically about the benefits from dental insurance, 52% said they liked having regular covered cleanings and check-ups. They also liked to have coverage of common normal dental care like fillings and root canals (37%), enjoying peace of mind thanks to coverage (29%), and improving overall health through good oral health (25%).

REconomy Meets Your Concerns

The source of this story is not unimportant. Unum wants people to think that the best way to get dental insurance is through their employer. While this is certainly the way most people get their dental insurance, it’s not necessarily the best way. Think about all the layers this puts between you and your actual dentist: your employer, an insurance provider, and sometimes supplementary providers and underwriters which may be several different companies. All those people will want to have a say when you seek to get dental care, and they can limit your access to or compensation for different dental procedures. Coverage and compensation can be complicated and can change unexpectedly. Remember: all those companies between you and your dentist are looking to make a profit, too, and they do it by making sure you pay more for coverage than they pay out in benefits.

But with our REconomy plan, you are dealing directly with us, your dentists. Your coverage is spelled out clearly, and it needs only our recommendation and your approval to be activated. We honor our commitment to you, and you won’t be surprised when it comes time to get coverage for your treatment.

And REconomy includes coverage for all the main things that might weigh on your mind:

  • 2 routine exams (including oral cancer screenings) plus 1 emergency exam
  • 2 basic cleanings
  • 4 bitewing x-rays, required individual x-rays, and 1 full mouth series of x-rays

These are all covered 100%. In addition, you’ll see substantial discounts off other procedures you might worry about, such as fillings, root canals, oral surgery, gum disease treatment, and more.

Plus, our REconomy plan offers discounts for cosmetic dentistry, something dental insurance usually won’t do. You’ll get discounts on crowns, veneers, implants, Invisalign, and even teeth whitening!

Deal Directly with Your Dentist

If you are worried about the cost of dental care, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to work directly with your dentist. This can give you true peace of mind and assurance about having access to the dental care you want and need.

To learn more about the benefits of our REconomy plan, please call (201) 343-4044 today for an appointment with a River Edge, NJ dentist at the River Edge Dental Center for General and Cosmetic Dentistry.