Adult patients now account for about 20% of all orthodontic patients. In the past, that number might have been as low as 5%. Why are so many adults choosing now to get their teeth straightened?

Mostly, it’s the improvement in technology. Orthodontics has changed dramatically in recent years, making it less conspicuous, faster, and more convenient.

Improved Technology Encourages More Adults to Straighten Teeth

Appearance Is a Big Issue

One of the biggest reasons why adults have decided that now is the time to get their teeth straightened is that orthodontics no longer requires an extensive structure of visible wires and brackets. Adults don’t want to look like teens, and they’re in many ways even more self-conscious about their appearance than younger individuals.

One of the biggest innovations in this is Invisalign, which uses clear plastic aligners to move teeth. These aligners allow teeth to be straightened without any wires whatsoever.

Invisalign used to be fairly limited in its applicability, but as the technology has developed, it has become available for more adults wanting to have their teeth straightened. As more adults can get Invisalign, more will try the procedure, which is partly responsible for the growth.

Even traditional braces have become less overtly visible. They are made with clear brackets and white wires, making them almost as invisible as Invisalign.

Braces Are Faster

In the past, people wanting to straighten their teeth might have expected to spend a year or two in braces. But these days, many orthodontic procedures are much faster than before. Six Month Smiles is true to its name, having an average treatment time of six months.

Invisalign has also become faster in recent years. New technology means that the treatment time has been essentially cut in half for Invisalign. Spending less time in braces or aligners makes for another big draw that is making adults want to straighten their teeth in greater numbers than ever.

This is also good for health reasons. During orthodontic treatment, oral hygiene can be a challenge, so having shorter treatment time reduces the risk of developing gum disease or cavities.

Orthodontics Are More Convenient

In addition to being faster, orthodontic treatment is more convenient than ever. This is mostly true with Invisalign. In the past, fixed braces were a pain to wear. You limited your diet, and you had to clean around the braces.

But with Invisalign, the clear plastic aligners are easily removed for eating and cleaning your teeth. You can brush and floss normally and eat all your favorite foods. Because they’re removable, there are no diet or hygiene challenges.

Are You Ready to Straighten Your Teeth?

Straightening crooked teeth will have the biggest impact on your self-esteem. If you’ve long been unhappy with crooked teeth, crowded teeth, or gapped teeth, maybe now is the time to get orthodontic treatment. If you want to learn how you can benefit from new advances in braces in River Edge, please call (201) 343-4044 today for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at the River Edge Dental Center for General & Cosmetic Dentistry.