If you’ve lost your teeth, you may think that you are going to have to face a life with low-quality traditional dentures. You know what that’s like. Even if you haven’t experienced it for yourself, you’ve seen older family and friends struggle with unattractive smiles, loose teeth, and a prematurely aged appearance.

But there is an alternative: New You Dentures™ with dental implants can dramatically improve your appearance, rejuvenating your face as well as your smile. Plus, they function just like natural teeth!

Don’t Have to Cover Up

One of the best things about New You Dentures™ is that they look just like natural teeth. Unlike bargain dentures that are mass-produced using cheap materials, New You Dentures™ are custom-made for you. They’re also made using some of the most attractive materials available for denture teeth. These materials are similar to what we use for veneers and other cosmetic dentistry restorations, so they look just like natural teeth.

While many people with dentures immediately counter the instinct to smile with the instinct to cover up their dentures, with New You Dentures™, you can smile freely and enjoy the beauty of your smile. Plus, with dental implants, you know your dentures will always be in place–they won’t slip or move!

Rejuvenated Appearance

But the appearance benefits of New You Dentures™ don’t stop with your smile. They extend to your entire face, because these dentures have the ability to rejuvenate your look. New You Dentures™ restore volume you’ve lost with your teeth and bones, helping you to look younger.

New You Dentures™ provide better support for your lips, so they don’t collapse inward. They also fill out your cheeks so you don’t have a sunken, hollow appearance. They even support your chin, reducing the appearance of jowls and marionette lines.

New You Dentures™ is one way dentistry can rejuvenate your appearance.

Function Like Natural Teeth

Traditional dentures just sit on your gums. They are sort of held in place by suction, but this provides very weak force. You can’t bite down very well, and when you eat, dentures can slide out of place. Once dentures get food underneath them, the seal is lost and dentures can just come out.

But dental implants let New You Dentures™ anchor in place the way your traditional teeth do: by being inside your jawbone. Implants bond to the jawbone and New You Dentures™ attach to the implants to give you teeth that function just like natural teeth. Plus, they’re always in place.

Learn the Difference for Yourself

Are you dreading getting your first set of dentures? Or are you already tired of the current dentures you have? Don’t waste any more time in unattractive, unsupportive, loose dentures: try New You Dentures™ with dental implants today to see the difference for yourself.

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