At the River Edge Dental Center for TMJ, Sleep Apnea, and Reconstructive Dentistry, we provide life-changing, even life-saving dental treatments. Sometimes these are very affordable, and it’s easy to fit them into your budget, but other times you may need help. We want to make the dental care you need accessible to you, and that’s why we offer a number of payment options for our patients.

Up-Front Estimates

As soon as we have identified your concerns and your treatment needs, we will develop treatment plans. Not just one: it’s usually possible to come up with several ways to achieve the results you desire. All of the treatments will be acceptable, but some may be better than others. We will talk about the benefits and limits of each treatment option, including the cost.

With detailed estimates in the planning stages, you can make informed decisions about which is the right treatment option you want. We can also look at estimates you received from other dentists to make sure there are no hidden fees and that you’re making an apples to apples comparison.

Insurance Coverage

Reconstructive dentistry treatments will usually be covered at least partially by dental insurance, though they’re unlikely to be fully covered.

Few insurance companies offer coverage for TMJ treatment in New Jersey. Depending on your insurance company or companies, some parts of the treatment may be covered.

Most insurance companies offer coverage for sleep apnea treatment, including both oral appliances and CPAP.

CareCredit Financing

CareCredit financingIf your insurance coverage doesn’t make your treatment fit easily into your budget, CareCredit financing can help.

CareCredit is like a special credit line for health and wellness treatments, including dentistry.

CareCredit offers two approaches to financing your care. You can get no-interest financing if you pay back the full amount in a certain period of time, up to 24 months. Or you can set up your payments to be the same amount every month over the entire financing period, up to 60 months. Use their handy online payment calculator to help you decide which is better for you.

The CareCredit application process is so easy and quick that you can do it yourself online, but if you’d rather have help, we can work with you in our office to put in your application.

Lending Club Financing

Lending Club financingAt River Edge Dental, we like you to have options when it comes to your payments! We also offer financing through Lending Club!

Lending Club offers low, fixed-rate loans that will make paying for your dental treatments quick and easy!

Want to learn more about the cost of treatment or the payment plans we offer? Please call 201-546-8512 or email for an appointment with a TMJ dentist at the River Edge Dental Center for TMJ, Sleep Apnea, & Reconstructive Dentistry.