Reasons for Tooth Extractions and Alternatives

Other than routine wisdom tooth extraction, there are many reasons why a tooth extraction might be performed, including:

  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Tooth trauma that cannot be repaired
  • Gum disease
  • Infected tooth
  • Badly decayed tooth

In some cases of orthodontic treatment as part of a smile reconstruction, it may be recommended that one or more teeth are removed. It’s important to get a second opinion about whether the tooth extraction is necessary in your case.

Normally, a damaged tooth can be repaired with a dental crown, although a root canal might be recommended if the pulp — the internal, living part of the tooth — was exposed. But if the tooth doesn’t have enough remaining structure to support a dental crown, extraction may be necessary.

Gum disease can lead to loose teeth. In some cases, it’s best to treat the gum disease and try to maintain the natural teeth. In other cases, it may be beneficial to remove the tooth to help with gum disease treatment.

A decayed or infected tooth might need to be removed if it has suffered too much damage to the tooth roots. Otherwise, a dental crown or root canal procedure can restore this tooth to full function.

It’s always important to carefully consider tooth extractions before they are performed, because the tooth cannot be restored once it is removed.

Tooth extractions are sometimes unavoidable

The Emotional Impact of Extraction

People often experience intense emotions connected with tooth extractions. Some people are eager to have problem teeth extracted, which may make it hard for them to accept that extraction might not be the best option for them.

Other people may feel deep regret and even grief after having one or more teeth extracted. This may also include guilt about not caring for teeth properly.

Emotions you feel about the loss of your teeth can be wrapped up with the circumstances that led to tooth loss, such as neglect, abuse, a traumatic accident, eating disorders, or drug use.

At the River Edge Dental, we look at our patients as whole people, not just a set of teeth. We want your reconstructive dentistry to be emotionally as well as physically healing. We encourage you to speak about your feelings related to a tooth extraction — we can help you get help dealing with them if you need it.

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