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Our Patients’ Bill of Rights

We believe that all of our patients are entitled to the best treatment. Specifically, we firmly believe all patients deserve:

  • To be treated with respect and dignity, and not be made to feel guilty about the present or past state of their oral health.
  • To have their oral health thoroughly evaluated to ensure we fully understand their current health and are able to anticipate, as fully as possible, future developments in their oral health.
  • To have all treatment plans fully explained to them, including multiple treatment options when available, including the benefits and limitations of each option. All costs should be explained in detail before treatment begins, including situations where estimates may need to be revised after treatment begins. Treatment plans and cost estimates will be available in writing.
  • To have all treatment completed in a convenient manner, which may mean a few longer appointments or more shorter appointments depending on the patient’s schedule.
  • To have access to the best materials, technologies, and techniques available.
  • To have options for calming anxiety and achieving a relaxed state during dental care.
  • To receive proactive treatment that anticipates and prevents oral health problems rather than simply reacts to problems as they develop.
  • To receive care that is oriented to the full health and function of the oral system as a whole and in relation to the rest of the body, rather than as disconnected elements separate from each other and the body.
  • To receive care that is guided only by what is best for them.
  • To have access to multiple payment options including long-term payment plans.
  • To receive guarantees, to the extent possible, about the quality and longevity of dental work.

A Comfortable Environment

Our office is designed to be comfortable and welcoming. We prioritize your comfort at every point in your treatment, from the reception area to the treatment studios and beyond. We work hard to maintain our schedule and minimize your waiting time.

We offer some of the latest advances in technology that make your dental care more comfortable and convenient. Instead of biting down into a tray of impression material, we use digital scanners to obtain impressions of your teeth. We offer nitrous oxide to help reduce anxiety at dental treatment. We even offer NuCalm, a scientific approach to relaxation that can sidestep your body’s anxiety responses without drugs. And we use buffered anesthesia that is more comfortable and takes effect more quickly.

TVs and windows in our treatment studios help you relax during treatment. We offer a wide range of movies and music for you to enjoy or you can bring your own.

For more information about the technologies available in our office, please see our technology page, or contact us today and ask how we can help you.