In gum disease, bacteria grow in the areas of your gums directly adjacent to your teeth, carving out space from gum tissue, bones, and teeth. When this happens, your teeth are in danger, and the bacteria can cause illness throughout your body. In the past, treatment of gum disease at this level required that your gums be cut away with a blade, but laser gum treatment allows us to to eliminate bacteria around your teeth without cutting your gums. This makes the procedure more comfortable, can speed healing, and helps to kill all the bacteria in the treated area.

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Benefits of Laser Gum Treatment

If you are trying to decide what type of gum treatment you want for your gum disease, consider the benefits of laser gum treatment over traditional gum therapy:

  • Less discomfort
  • Shorter recovery
  • Preserves more gum tissue
  • Less bleeding
  • Laser sterilization of gum pockets

Because the laser doesn’t cut your tissues with a blade and it preserves more of your gum tissue, there is less discomfort associated with laser gum treatment. Although traditional root planing and scaling is often described as among the most painful procedures in dentistry, many people undergoing the laser version experience little to no discomfort.

Laser gum treatment River Edge New Jersey

With less damage to your gum tissue and the laser sealing of blood vessels (cauterization), you will also see less bleeding and a shorter recovery time, allowing you to get back to normal faster. And because less gum tissue will be removed, you’re less likely to need cosmetic restoration of your gums. The laser creates a surface that helps your gums bond back to your teeth, which also helps improve healing and reduce infection risk.

Laser energy is also a very powerful tool for killing bacteria. The laser energy can penetrate into the bacteria-filled pockets around your teeth and effectively kill the bacteria.

How Laser Gum Treatment Works

In laser gum treatment, we start by identifying the places around your teeth that need treatment. We may use a combination of visual examination, the use of probes to measure pocket depth, and even x-rays to find these places.

Once we identify the treatment areas, we will use the laser to improve access to the pockets around your teeth. This lets us clean out bacteria and, if necessary, work on the surfaces of the teeth that may have been damaged by gum disease.

Finally, the laser is used to perform a final cleaning in the gum pocket to ensure that all bacteria is removed. Then the gum tissue is pressed back against the tooth, where it will normally cling without the need for stitches.

Recovery typically takes 10 days to two weeks.

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