Women’s Brains Hurt More by Sleep Apnea

There are many health conditions that affect men and women differently. For example, women experience different heart attack symptoms than men, and traditional education on spotting the symptoms may be partly to blame for women not realizing when they’re having a heart attack. Now a new study suggests that men and women are impacted differently [...]

New Study Links Sleep Disorders to Preterm Birth

We know that sleep apnea is associated with many health risks. This can be even more serious when two lives are involved, as when a woman is experiencing sleep apnea during pregnancy. A new, large study shows us more clearly than ever just how dangerous sleep apnea and other sleep disorders can [...]

Most Pregnant Women Have Dental Problems, but Many Avoid the Dentist

Many people don’t realize how important oral health is for your overall health, so they tend to neglect dental care. This is a universal problem, but a new survey released by Cigna shows that the problem may be even more pronounced among pregnant women. The survey shows that although more than three-quarters of [...]

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