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How White Is Too White for Your Smile?

One concern many patients have when they consider a professional teeth whitening treatment is achieving a smile that is too white. Although it’s true that we can whiten your smile as much as you want – either with professional tooth whitening or porcelain veneers – once you reach a certain level [...]

Can Whitening My Teeth Damage Them?

It’s well-documented that the first thing we notice about strangers is their teeth. We all want a straight, bright set of teeth, and having a beautiful smile can provide a major confidence boost. That’s why teeth whitening strips, trays and technologies have become so popular in recent years; we’re all chasing that beautiful [...]

4 Reasons Your Smile Could Be Making You Look Older

You don’t really wake up one morning suddenly older, but it can feel that way. Suddenly you notice that people are treating you as older than you are. They could be offering you senior discounts all of a sudden. They might guess an older age, or potentially even let slip phrases like, “back in your [...]

Introducing GLO Teeth Whitening

At the River Edge Dental Center for General & Cosmetic dentistry, we are always looking for new dental technology that can improve our patients’ results and their experience at our office. When we find technologies that excite us, we are happy to introduce them to our patients. GLO (Guided Light [...]

Are You Avoiding Foods That Stain Your Teeth?

We know that discolored teeth are not just unattractive, they’re aging, making us look much older than we are. That’s why many people are trying to avoid dark foods and beverages that can discolor teeth, like coffee and red wine. But there’s a problem: not all the foods that stain your teeth [...]

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