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Natural Ways to Reduce Your Gag Reflex At The Dentist

Our gag reflex is really important. It keeps us from swallowing foreign objects that could sicken, poison, or choke us. But some people have a very strong gag reflex that makes it hard to do things like visit the dentist or even brush their teeth. When this becomes a major problem that [...]

Muscle Relaxants Aren’t the Only Way to Relax a Tense Jaw

Most jaw pain related to temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ) is caused by sore muscles. When your jaw muscles can’t relax, they will get sore, which causes the persistent jaw pain, facial pain, and headaches that people often complain about. One potential treatment that is sometimes recommended to relax tense jaw muscles is [...]

Your Best Prevention Technique: Control Sugar Cravings

You may sometimes read that the modern diet is bad for you, that our exposure to modern staples like processed white flour, margarine, and other processed foods is destroying our health. There is some truth to this, although it is often blown far out of proportion. It’s important to Allergy Testing Could Help Identify Mysterious Symptoms

How to Keep Holiday Stress from Damaging Your Teeth

Although the holidays are a time of joy, they’re also a major time of stress. Both good and bad stress can have similar physiologic effects, which can be damaging to your overall health, but also threatens your teeth. One of the most common responses people have to stress is clenching or grinding teeth, known as [...]

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