Make Dental Care a Top Priority in 2020

We understand that you have many competing priorities for your money, and that sometimes you have more priorities than you do money. And when that happens, something has to be left undone. If that’s the reason why you’ve been neglecting dental care in previous years, this year let us persuade you to [...]

Coca-Cola Unveils New Sparkling Water Brand

The current sparkling and seltzer water market is bubbling! Coca-Cola recently unveiled that they will launch a new sparkling water line in March 2020 known as AHA. The line features eight flavors, two with a splash of caffeine. This means you can reenergize without the calories or sugar-free sweeteners. With Americans steering away from sugary [...]

Why Xylitol Can Be Deadly to Dogs

We’ve spoken before about the importance of finding a good artificial sweetener for foods. We have developed a taste for sweet foods, and it’s hard to control sugar cravings. But the presence of sugar in our foods leads to tooth decay, obesity, and health conditions like diabetes.  In the [...]

Survey Shows Americans Worried about Oral Health

When it comes to our health, there are many potential concerns that can occupy the mind. But a new survey shows that, of all the possible things that can be worrying us, oral health tops the list. And, alongside that concern, people are more worried about the appearance of their smile than the other aspects [...]

CDC Finds Children Probably Swallow Too Much Fluoride from Toothpaste

Fluoride is an important nutrient to help protect children’s teeth from decay. Making sure kids get enough fluoride exposure, especially topical fluoride such as fluoride toothpaste, can help reduce their cavity risk significantly. However, exposure to too much fluoride can lead to tooth problems, too. Fluorosis is a tooth problem caused by [...]

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