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TMJ Linked to Chronic Overlapping Pain Conditions

When it comes to chronic pain for many people it doesn’t rain but it pours. They don’t have chronic pain in just one place. They have it in multiple places, along with other symptoms that indicate the existence of multiple pain conditions. Over time, we have learned that these conditions may be linked in some [...]

If Migraine Treatment Isn’t Working, Try Giving up Caffeine

America runs on coffee, and for most of us the thought of giving it up--along with other caffeine beverages--seems like a nightmare. But when compared with the nightmare of migraines, it might be a fair tradeoff. Migraines have a complicated relationship with caffeine. Some people find that caffeine triggers their migraines. But for [...]

Pain Management Crucial in Medicine and Dentistry

Chronic pain is the most common reason why Americans seek medical care, and chronic pain affects about 100 million Americans every year -- about 1 in three Americans. That’s almost four times as much as diabetes or heart conditions, and almost nine times as many Americans as cancer. This includes people [...]

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