Oral Health

River Edge Dental’s New Vision Statement

At River Edge Dental, we are committed to giving our patients the best care and the best results possible using our talent, training, and experience. We wanted to make sure that quality patient care remained our focus, and that’s why we developed our new vision statement. Our Vision At River Edge Dental we [...]

Vitamin D Promotes Oral Health–Keep Your Levels Up This Winter

Vitamin D has the distinction of being the only essential vitamin that your body can produce for itself. All you need is sunshine. This means that everyone should be able to maintain their vitamin D levels, but the truth is that in this country about half of all people in the US have vitamin D [...]

Do You Have a Little Cleanup to Do after Summer Vacations?

Over the summer, it’s easy to get distracted with all the wonderful things there are to do. Whether it’s spending time at the beach, taking vacations with family, or just enjoying time outside in your garden, summer slips away like a carnival balloon in the hands of a two-year-old. As a result, many of the [...]

Treat Gum Disease to Reduce Risk of Surgical Infections

Do you need more convincing that gum disease has a significant impact on your overall health? If so, consider this: about 13% of all infections following knee replacement surgery are caused by oral bacteria. That’s right, oral bacteria are responsible for about one in seven infections following knee replacement surgery. Knee [...]

Your Best Prevention Technique: Control Sugar Cravings

You may sometimes read that the modern diet is bad for you, that our exposure to modern staples like processed white flour, margarine, and other processed foods is destroying our health. There is some truth to this, although it is often blown far out of proportion. It’s important to Allergy Testing Could Help Identify Mysterious Symptoms