CDC Finds Children Probably Swallow Too Much Fluoride from Toothpaste

Fluoride is an important nutrient to help protect children’s teeth from decay. Making sure kids get enough fluoride exposure, especially topical fluoride such as fluoride toothpaste, can help reduce their cavity risk significantly. However, exposure to too much fluoride can lead to tooth problems, too. Fluorosis is a tooth problem caused by [...]

Texting Teens Helps Improve Oral Health

Teenagers as a group have a tendency to be less than diligent in their oral health habits. Brushing and flossing can both fall by the wayside. When coupled with a tendency to snack on more sugary treats and enjoy damaging beverages like soda and energy drinks, teens can experience significantly diminished oral health. The challenge [...]

Poll: A Quarter of Americans Have Nightmares about Their Teeth

Does this sound familiar? You start to take a bite out a crispy apple or corn on the cob, only instead of getting a mouth full of kernels, you get a mouth full of teeth as they all start to fall out. Or perhaps you’re on a date and when you smile or speak, your [...]

Losing Teeth Linked to Higher Heart Risk

One of the most important facts that people neglect about oral health is that it’s a vital foundation for overall health. If you aren’t taking care of your teeth, you aren’t taking care of your health. And now a new study makes that connection clear: people who lose teeth during middle age are at a [...]

Make Dental Care a Top Priority in 2018

We understand that you have many competing priorities for your money, and that sometimes you have more priorities than you do money. And when that happens, something has to be left undone. If that’s the reason why you’ve been neglecting dental care in previous years, this year let us persuade you to [...]