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How Mouth Breathing Leads to TMJ

It feels natural to breathe through your nose because our bodies are physiologically designed to do so. Breathing through your nose allows your developmental forces to reach a balance. When you breathe through your mouth when you sleep, especially as a child or teen, this can result in imbalanced development problems like jaw and tooth [...]

Head and Face Pain Hurts More Emotionally

If you don’t have TMJ, it can be hard to appreciate what sufferers are going through. Jaw pain, headaches, neck pain, earache, and other symptoms may not seem like a major burden. But the truth is that people with TMJ are seriously suffering. And the inability for doctors, employers, coworkers, and family members to understand [...]

Researchers Try to Predict Development of Chronic TMJ

It’s a difficult problem to deal with. Although most people will develop TMJ symptoms at some point in their lives, only a fraction of those people will end up developing chronic TMJ. Transient TMJ can be easily treated at home, and the symptoms will go away on their own with simple lifestyle [...]

Veterans More Likely to Experience Chronic Pain

People sometimes talk about veterans’ sacrifice of service as if it’s something that’s in the past. They’ve made their sacrifice, and now they’ve returned to normal life. But the truth is that military service often comes with a lifetime of sacrifice, including sacrifices that last for a lifetime. That seems to be the case for [...]

Most TMJ Patients Don’t Report Chronic Body Pain

One of the things that is most surprising about TMJ is that it has the ability to cause widespread symptoms that manifest all over your body. It’s so surprising that many TMJ sufferers don’t think their chronic pain elsewhere is related to their jaw pain, so they don’t [...]

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