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Taking Opioids for Migraines Can Make Them More Frequent

If you have migraines, you likely have a strong desire to do anything you can to get rid of them. The pain can be so intense that there’s a temptation to just get the strongest pain medication you can find, including opioids. But opioids have many risks — they may even cause your [...]

People Unnecessarily Prescribed Opiates for Migraine Relief

According to a new study, too many people are being prescribed opioid drugs for migraine relief. Opioids are not very effective for migraine relief, and they’re potentially dangerous. People need to know that there are effective, drug-free alternatives that can help with migraines, including TMJ treatment. A Treatment of [...]

Reconstructive Dentistry Responds to E-Cigarette Explosion

E-Cigarettes are growing in popularity nationwide, but that increased popularity may come at a serious cost to dental health. A recent story of a man in Idaho who lost nine teeth to an exploding e-cigarette highlights the types of injuries that can occur with these devices. And evidence suggests that these incidents [...]

5 Reasons You Should Take TMJ Seriously

Many of us take our health much more casually than we should. We ignore symptoms and try to get by using home remedies and over-the-counter medications, and this often happens with temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ, or, sometimes, TMD). People ignore symptoms until it’s too late. But there are many reasons [...]

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