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Losing Teeth Linked to Higher Heart Risk

One of the most important facts that people neglect about oral health is that it’s a vital foundation for overall health. If you aren’t taking care of your teeth, you aren’t taking care of your health. And now a new study makes that connection clear: people who lose teeth during middle age are at a [...]

Good News, America, Sugary Drink Consumption Is on the Decline

There are many potential health hazards in what is described as the typical American diet. But perhaps the most dangerous is the sugar sweetened beverage (SSB), which can impact oral and overall health. SSB consumption can lead to many overall health dangers, including obesity, diabetes, and even genetic damage. But now we have some good [...]

R.E.newSmile™ with Dental Implants Helps You Look Younger

Our R.E.newSmile™ approach to rejuvenation dentistry has the ability to dramatically turn back the clock on your appearance. You can look at least 15 years younger with a R.E.newSmile™ makeover. One of the secret weapons of a R.E.newSmile™ makeover is dental implants. Dental implants not only rejuvenate the appearance [...]

Food Journal Can Help Improve Your Oral Health

If you want to improve your health, improve your diet. The food you eat is the vital building blocks your body uses to build and maintain itself. If these blocks aren’t compatible with the body or even downright harmful, they can undermine your oral and overall health. However, it’s not always easy to know where [...]

Sugar Substitutes May Save Our Oral Health

Sugar is one of the biggest challenges in maintaining good oral health. Sugar fuels the oral bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease. But it’s also everywhere in our modern diets. Even if you can can control your sugar cravings, your efforts to avoid sugar can be undone by the [...]

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