Introducing Joelle Hirschfeld, DMD

River Edge Dental would like to give a warm welcome to our new dentist, Dr. Joelle Hirschfeld. Dr. Hirschfeld joined our staff in November 2019 and we’re delighted to introduce her to new and existing patients at River Edge Dental. Learn more about Dr. Hirschfeld below! Dr. Hirschfeld’s Education Joelle Hirschfeld, DMD grew [...]

Your Smile Is an Essential Part of Your Personal Brand

If you are trying to construct a personal brand, there’s one essential ingredient that you can’t overlook:  your smile. Your smile is one of the first things people will identify and one of the last things they’ll forget. It’s your personal brand. Your smile is your logo so it’s incredibly important that you love your [...]

Lengthening Your Front Teeth Can Change More Than Your Appearance

It’s a common misperception about cosmetic dentistry: it’s all about appearance. That’s why some people have a tendency to dismiss cosmetic dentistry as being frivolous or unimportant. But the truth is quite different. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on the appearance of your teeth, but the effects extend far beyond your appearance. People make many social and [...]

New Survey Shows Americans Worried about Oral Health and Smile

When it comes to our health, there are many potential concerns that can occupy the mind. But a new survey shows that, of all the possible things that can be worrying us, oral health tops the list. And, alongside that concern, people are more worried about the appearance of their smile than the other aspects [...]

What Makes a Smile Look Genuine

A smile can be a powerful communication tool. It can help you connect with people at work. Whether you’re talking to peers, subordinates, or supervisors, a smile can make a big difference in how you’re perceived. The problem is that if your smile isn’t genuine, it can undermine your effectiveness. Here are [...]

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