7 Causes of Morning Headaches

Waking up with a headache is a terrible way to start the day. But for many people morning headaches are an almost daily occurrence. In order to figure out how to treat these headaches, you first have to isolate the cause. Here are seven of the more common causes of morning headaches [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Get an OTC Night Guard

Do you grind your teeth at night? Have you started to notice that you have sore jaws, a gritty feeling in your mouth, and some damage to your teeth? If so, then you might think that the easy solution is to get an over-the-counter night guard from the corner drug store. This [...]

How to Keep Holiday Stress from Damaging Your Teeth

Although the holidays are a time of joy, they’re also a major time of stress. Both good and bad stress can have similar physiologic effects, which can be damaging to your overall health, but also threatens your teeth. One of the most common responses people have to stress is clenching or grinding teeth, known as [...]