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Texting Teens Helps Improve Oral Health

Teenagers as a group have a tendency to be less than diligent in their oral health habits. Brushing and flossing can both fall by the wayside. When coupled with a tendency to snack on more sugary treats and enjoy damaging beverages like soda and energy drinks, teens can experience significantly diminished oral health. The challenge [...]

Improved Technology Encourages More Adults to Straighten Teeth

Adult patients now account for about 20% of all orthodontic patients. In the past, that number might have been as low as 5%. Why are so many adults choosing now to get their teeth straightened? Mostly, it’s the improvement in technology. Orthodontics has changed dramatically in recent years, making it less conspicuous, [...]

Crooked Teeth Have the Biggest Impact on Self-Esteem

When it comes to your smile, what is it that bothers you most? Many of us may have particular aspects of our smile that makes us flinch when a camera comes out, or when we see the pictures, but according to one recent study, it’s crooked teeth that have the [...]

Treatments for Rotated Teeth

Rotated teeth are a less common cosmetic complaint, but a serious one. If you have a rotated tooth, it’s likely to be highly visible, especially if it’s one of your incisors (the flat teeth at the front of your mouth). Fortunately, this is highly correctable with cosmetic dentistry. What Causes [...]

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