Once again, there’s a minor social media storm around the smile of a Love and Hip-Hop New York (LHHNY) star’s smile. But this time, it’s not Cardi B, it’s Juelz Santana whose teeth are getting scrutiny after starting the month being mocked by 50 Cent for his appearance in a music video.

Putting His Missing Teeth on Display

Does Juelz Have Dentures?Early in November, Juelz Santana released a video for “Sauce Boyz” as part of The Diplomats (AKA Dipset). But 50 Cent noticed something odd when Juelz took his turn rapping: there were several teeth missing. He Instagrammed a capture picture of Juelz with his gap showing. As part of the caption, he joked, “just say no to drugs.” Other Instagrammers piled on, either clowning Juelz or supporting him.

But Juelz wasn’t going to let this go uncontested, so he posted a picture of himself with his new replacement teeth. Then 50 Cent hit back, mocking him for having “chiclets teeth”. And that’s where the conflict rested.

That is, until the new season of LHHNY premiered this week, and Juelz and viewers had to confront the issue head-on.

The Damage of Drugs

In this episode, the season 9 premiere, Juelz confessed that he had experienced major tooth decay as a result of using drugs. People speculated about the drugs he had been using, with methamphetamine coming up often because of its close association with tooth damage and tooth loss.

Does He Have Dentures?

Viewers also noted that Juelz had a noticeable change in his speech during the premiere. He had gained a lisp that many people attributed to his new teeth. It is quite likely that the two are linked.

Teeth are critical to our ability to speak, and if you’ve been without them for awhile, getting them replaced can definitely lead to changes in speech. It doesn’t mean they’re fitted poorly, it just means he hasn’t had time to get used to them. If he got his teeth replaced between the filming of the video and the filming of the episode, they may be very new.

Many of his fans wondered if he had dentures. That depends. There are actually many possible tooth replacements that could have given Juelz his smile back. Dentures are one option. Since he’s missing four teeth in the video, we would expect to see a removable denture designed to match his natural canine teeth on either side. That’s not what this looks like: it looks like more work has been done on surrounding teeth, too.

One option that would account for this is a dental bridge. A dental bridge is replacement teeth supported by crowns over natural teeth. If he got this, it would account for why all six of his front teeth seem to have been replaced though he only had four missing. However, we don’t usually see dental bridges this long. The longer a bridge, the higher the risk of failure. A six-unit bridge in the front would be very risky.

Most likely, Juelz got dental implants to replace the natural missing teeth. He might have had the canine teeth replaced, too, if they were unhealthy, or he could have had matching crowns placed. We would have to see more to make a better guess.

Do You Have Missing Teeth?

If you are like Juelz Santana and have missing teeth, we can help. We offer multiple options for replacing your teeth, so you can get the one that best matches your goals and your budget.

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